ext_136214 ([identity profile] croix-souillees.livejournal.com) wrote on December 4th, 2007 at 10:50 am
Hi. Uhm. I'd like to be your friend. My name is Inami. I... I like to draw. And write, sometimes. My friend 'Ru and I are currently on a ZackxCloud high. Erm. I got here because of your fanfiction and your fic recs. I... am currently making a ZackxCloud video using my own fanart using flash, which is a pain to learn and um... which is really, really weird since I like SephxCloud a bit more than ZackxCloud. I think Aerith pwns everybody and that one FFVII time-jump fanfics should have the line "Tifa and I live with the kids in a bar" and "what? No! One's Barret's daughter and the other Tifa adopted!". Erm... Going. Now. Thank you.

/too much info.
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