ext_218044 ([identity profile] fantasia0829.livejournal.com) wrote on December 4th, 2007 at 01:14 pm
Oh, I remember you! I still listen to Beautiful Cage every now and then! Thanx so much!

Hee hee, Marluxia is cute, I admit. But I just think of all the flower he kills so he can throw the petals around and I'm like, "Oi, think of the clean-up crew!" XDD Sometimes I think I missed out a lot by now playing CoM.

Yeah, and I never got the memo that Demyx is stupid too. I'm sure he's intelligent too, but some fic writers just prefer to think otherwise. I'm not sure why though. It's like the cheery ones must be stupid or something like that.

Of course! This is my friending post, after all! Go ahead and add me. I'll add you in a moment. :)
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