ext_310615 ([identity profile] tomi-sama-04.livejournal.com) wrote on December 4th, 2007 at 04:08 pm
Um... I guess I haven't really posted a whole lotta comments either, but here's some stuff.

My name is Tomi (like Tommy) but I'm a girl, I just have weird parents.
My birthday is December 6th (2 days!) and I'll be 18.
I'm a senior in high school
My favorite color is red.
I've been into yaoi since I was 16.
I have a strange addiction to learning about serial killers, canabals and heroin, although I never had, or wanted to kill ot eat someone or shoot up in my life.
I've played FF7, FF8 and FFX, but for some reason FFX is always my favorite, so although Cloud and Leon are the centerpart of many of my stories, the plot has more to do with FFX.
I've had a story (also since sixteen) called Love is Love (LIL), about Cloud and Leon and although it's getting long, I'm no where near finishing. But when it is vinished, it will be my baby and I'll love it.
Um... I like Chocolate ice-cream more than Vinella ice-cream.
If I had to choose between Cloud and Leon, I would chose Leon.
I like to make Roxas a drag-queen. (And I don't know why)
Pizza is my favorite food; one time I gave it up for Lent and Almost died.
Although I do give up stuff for Lent, I am not religious at all.
My favorite bands are 30 seconds to mars and Alkaline Trio.
I'm in three college-level corses in high school: Calculus, English, and Environmental Science.
And I'm a straight A student - Third in my class

Um... I suppose that's about it. I'm a nerd, geek and a freak. XP
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