ext_310617 ([identity profile] b-borealis.livejournal.com) wrote on December 4th, 2007 at 10:08 am
so, um i guess i havent been the most active commentor, but i have talked to you a bit before, what with the beautiful cage smexiness and whatnot
which, haha, im being lazy and need to repost

but anywho, i guess saying my favorite color is green (and i do like spinach, but not b/c it's green) doesnt really cut it, soo....
i really really love marluxia? and i dont think he gets enough credit. im mean, hell the guy may like flowers but he can shank your ass with a scythe and look pretty badass while doing it
and zexion too. i don't think he gets enough credit. and im tired of people making demyx stupid whenever they write fics. he's young and yes, adorably dorky at times, but shit he's not a fuckin brick.
and roxas is neither an emotional basketcase nor is he suicidal-emo-man
...and i like historical fiction as my choice of novel.
(and leon and cloud do really have feelings, but i doubt they confess their undying love on tops of buildings and whatnot. so that's why i like your fics-they avoid all of that and capture the individual personalities very well!)
so....is it alright if i friend you?
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