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Birthdate:Aug 29

Fantasia is a young (so she says) teenager living in Asia, passing her days in a daze and hoping that work will pass her by without her noticing. Mugging for school and puking blood over work are the banes of her existence, but she has come to accept those as part of her life, however reluctantly. She is currently hoping that she will not get buried up to the eyeballs with work.

Technically, her full nick is Sorceress Fantasia (she's been using it for ages), but has since shortened it to SF, and more recently, Sor. She basically likes to pick weird nicknames that are long and hard to type.

In light of recent events, SF's journal is now friends-locked. Permission is not required to friend SF, and you can do so after dropping her a comment here. After friending, it would be great if you'd drop her a comment every once in a while so she'll know you're not a stalker. She likes to make new friends too!

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"What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner."
-- Colette

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